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Unbelievable Uglies
Unbelievable Uglies

Uglies Cast of Characters

The names and addresses listed here were found on the backs of pictures in the Uglies photo album. If you find yourself – please send us an email. We would love to hear from you.

The Uglies plan a select number of reunion shows each summer. To inquire about booking the Uglies, contact or call 763-323-0727.

The Cast of "Uglie" Characters

‘Uglie’ Lives Fond memories – Old friends.

The Uglies Cast of “Characters”

The Carlson Sisters: Susan, Sheila, and Sharon, Daughters of Chester Carlson of St. Paul MN
Kathy Haas 602 W. Lincoln, Fergus Falls
Georgia Sagerhorn 1123 N Lake St, Fergus Falls
Jane Dickinson 152 25th Ave N, St Cloud, Mn
Christine LeBlanc 6, 2nd St NE
Barry Chase – Music Director, KQWB 98.7
Larry Lakoduk, GM KQWB
KILO 1440 Radio – GF ND
KDIX – Dickinson, ND Earl Mann, Dennis Sattler, Al Sargent, Jim Schmidt, George Kay
KSJB – Jamestown, ND Wee Windy Winslow, Bobby Gaye, Dick Hogan, Jack Leonard
KLGR – Redwood Falls
KFYR, Bismarck ND
WDGT - Art Blaske
Alexandria El Caminos,
Allen Mittlestaedt,
Wayne Kantent,
Barb Bump
Craig McEwen – Ortonville, Mn
Bill Gavin’s Record report, San Francisco, Jan 13, 1967 “Sorry” (Late Flashes and Second Guesses)
Mae Anderson – Tribune Jan 18, 1998
George ‘THE MAN’ Paul
Sammy Peterson, Rosholt, SD
Charlie McKeever, Flag Island
Margaret Tostrude, 2009 S 8th St, Mhd
Jimmy Hill and the Intruders 1964
Fan Club President, Beverly Staurum 1407 7th St N, St Cloud, MN or 2448 Lyndale Ave S, MPLS
Joel Barkmeier, Battle Lake, Mn. Log contest winners – Balmoral, 7-22-64
Barbara Thompson, Warroad, Mn Prom May 16, 1964
Judy Green, Bluffton Hall, Oct 30, 1964
Roger Sherman
Connie Swanson, Lisbon, ND
Sharon Tageu, Rt 2, Box 259 Alex, Mn
Golden Gears Car Club 10/31/64
Patti Reller
Dan Keevile, Log Lodge
Kathy Lucius, Log Lodge
Bob Mammerell, Log Lodge
Pam Ulferts, Maynard, Mn
Debra Bechtold, 22 Riverside Drive NE, St Cloud MN July 23, 1964
Dave Caron – Writer
Dean Hermanson, Writer
Will Jones – Minneapolis Tribune – Feb 11, 1965
Pam Kruckenberg – Fan – June 13, 1965 Ps – “It’s your attitude that makes the party swing.”
Ruth Ahles, Waubun, mn
Gary Schnell, Oaks ND 1964
Karen Kikus, 923 31 Ave N, St CloudMn c/o Mr. Donald Heathcoat, 11/14/64
Nancy Edonds, Staff Writer Fargo Forum
Eileen Nordquist, Loyal Fan WEBC Radio, Duluth Superior, May 6, 1966 – DJ Leary
Mid-America Productions, PO Box 787, Minot, ND 58701 – Oct 31, 1967 Vernon Garrison
Mike Lien, Staff Writer – Minot, ND
Maureen Goggin – Wheaton, mn
Ron Birchen, Rosholt – Aug 4, 1964 – White Eagle Nite Club
Penny Frost, 919 Ada St., Fergus Falls
Greg Kalvig, 512 W Cedar, Fergus Falls
Niadah Conkiln, Enderlin ND
Dean O’Day

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