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Unbelievable Uglies
Unbelievable Uglies

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This is the world’s largest Buffalo, it’s on the north side of Interstate Hwy 94 in Jamestown, North Dakota. Paul had been driving, (4am) AND WHEN WE WOKE UP the bus was stopped in a dense fog and had somehow "DRIVEN RIGHT UP" TO THE FOOT OF THIS statue. There’s more to his ‘story’.
Many a summer night we’d SHOOT these at each other in fields on the way home after a 4TH OF JULY show… often until sunrise.
ALTAR boys 3 – but – it’s rumored Bob was kicked OFF the team for ringing these TOO LOUDLY!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul created a face known as the Aphish Face… used for many occasions. He stall makes it to this day… on certain occasions… ha-ha
Bob’s only nutrition for 3 years
Greg’s favorite.
We may have ACCIDENTALLY stolen one of these once!!! We returned it AFTER THE FRAZEE CHIEF OF POLICE CAME AFTER US (BAND ON THE RUN)
No matter what Bob ordered – his food always came out last - EVERY TIME. (WHEN HIS ORDER DIDN'T COME IN TIME… well… WE DROVE OFF)
Better than a trip to the dentist
Easily supports an amplifier over Bob’s head as he sleeps SOUNDLY IN THE BUS.
"Who remembers the garbage can bit?" "Disgusting huh?" ha-ha!
Hershel the Rubber Chick says, "No No Winston!"
Nicknames we're readily handed out by Dave Hoffman (Winston Fink) and David Dean Prentice back in our younger years. Here's who was who back then: Eagle-Beak - David Dean Prentice
Hippo - Winston Fink (Dave Hoffman)
Giraffe - Bob (Robbie Jay) Eveslage
Goose - Greg Paul
Lid-Bird - Paul Lidstrom
Gopher - Mike Shannon"

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