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Unbelievable Uglies
Unbelievable Uglies

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Original Unbelievable Uglies 2006

The Unbelievable Uglies

  1. Never Too Old (Nothing to Lose) © Written and arranged by Bob Eveslage (Robby Jay), this up-tempo song reflects the timelessness of rock and roll, and the honor the Uglies have felt to be welcomed into the hearts of so many fans, old and new.

  2. Salted Nut Roll © The lyrics to this were written by Dave Hoffman (aka Winston Fink) in an e-mail late one night. Greg Paul wrote the music and created a new Uglies classic about Greg's favorite candy bar.

  3. Go-Go Girl in Denial © Words by Dave Hoffman, music and arrangement by Bob Eveslage. Go-Go Girl in Denial was inspired after Paul was in NYC where one of our former go-go girls shook his hand and said "I don't remember you."

  4. Got That Done © captures Dave Hoffman’s attitude. Dave Hoffman wrote the lyrics for this one, and the music was written by Greg Paul ( with inspiration by Johnny Holm ).

  5. Just Can't Get The Blues © This song was written by Bob Eveslage for his wife Patty.

  6. Here We Go Again © This song was originally written by Bob Eveslage as an instrumental; but when played for Paul and Greg, it inspired them to write this new vocal arrangement about members of the band.

  7. Amazing Grace (464). This rendition reflects the spiritual connection each band member has found in Jesus Christ.

  8. Here We Go Again (Instrumental). This song is a wonderfully classic, yet contemporary, rock and roll piano & guitar piece that will make you want to get up and dance. Written by Bob Eveslage.


Dave Hoffman (Winston Fink) suffered a stroke that has left him unable to speak (yet) But, WOW, does he still love to sing and joke around. We brought Dave a microphone and a recorder for him to add some impromptu singing to the song "Got That Done" on this CD. You will really enjoy Dave’s style and soul as he sings on this one.

Special thanks to our newest band mate, James Miller, for his fine work on the drums, his numerous ideas, and his help in creating this CD.

We dedicate this CD to Dave Hoffman and Mike Shannon.


Temporarily Sold Out ---- The Unbelievable Uglies on CD

The Original Unbelievable Uglies

  1. "Surfin' Air Raid"
  2. "Judy Angel"
  3. "The Log"
  4. "The Loner"
  5. "Off My Hands"
  6. "Grand Central Station"
  7. "Keep Her Satisfied"
  8. "Get Straight"
  9. "Sorry"
  10. "Spider Man"
  11. "A Research Into The Soul Of Psychedelic Sound"
  12. "Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore"
  13. "When The Saints"
  14. "The Tin Drum"
  15. "Mrs. Mouse"
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